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mejor fotógrafo de san miguel de allende

Most of our couples that get Married in San Miguel de Allende come from far away, so we understand that planning a long distance Wedding might be challenging! To make this an easier process, here you'll find answers to some of the questions you might ponder upon... Do not hesitate to include your own FAQ at the bottom of this page! 

Why should we hire you Euguin and team?


Because I'm going to be there for you 100%!


Beginning with our interviews, calls, emails, of course on your Wedding day and post-production you will have an ally in me. I will be there to make sure that the day flows for you while I become your eyes and capture each memory. You’ll be my main focus without forgetting your families, your friends and your multiple wedding details.

If you give me of your time, I will take you to the most beautiful places in San Miguel de Allende. Together we will walk alleys, cobbled stone streets, hidden gardens, majestic churches ... I’ll share with you guys the most colorful scenic views and best kept places in the heart of San Miguel.


My almost 20 years of experience in wedding photography and my whole studio are at your disposal and you’ll have the confidence that I have mastered this art and I love my work.


My team is formed by my wife and partner (read boss) América, my children and I. Together we have a total commitment to give you guys our best. In addition, to facilitate our dialogue all of us can communicate in Spanish or English according to your preference.


What packages and prices do you offer?


We handle different packages, but all of them are a suggestion. What we prefer is to talk with you, create a package that fits your vision, needs and budget. Through a visit, an email or a call we can talk about your wedding and suggest a package for you. The prices lists we suggest depend on three things


• The number of days or hours that you need us


• What you wish to receive. For example, a second camera, video, drone, all the images printed, albums, parent albums, canvas etc ...


• The amount of equipment and assistants we need to cover your event


We understand that sometimes you need to stay within a budget, therefore we also offer a digital package where we give you the same quality of service and later, after the Wedding if you wish, we can quote an album and prints.


Here you will find an example of packages and prices, remember that they are adaptable to your needs.

How are the payments handled?


To set aside your date a booking fee/retainer of $ 5,000 pesos is required. The rest you can cover according to your preference. We ask the total balance to be covered at least two days before the Wedding.


If you want to make the full payment when you sign a contract, a 10% discount is applied for paying the total amount.


Deposits can be made through bank transfer, Money Gram, Western Union or Paypal.

























How does your service work, if we are far away?


Fortunately, the internet has shortened distances and has made it easy to plan your Wedding Destination photography.


We have designed our services in such a way that we can be in contact, reach an agreement, sign contracts, send payments and even design your album even at a long distance. 

To always be in touch with you, we share office phone numbers as well as personal cell phone numbers. If you want to meet us and you can’t come to the studio, a video call may be the best solution.  

Your digital images are sent to your email as soon as they are edited. We also send you an easy to fill template so you can indicate the images to enlarge. 

If your Wedding package includes an album, we send you a digital proof of what it would look like before sending it to print and we wait for your approval. 

We are aware that it may seem complicated, but we have work really hard to make this experience super simple for you.


What quality can I expect to receive from your services?


The quality of a wedding photographer depends on three points, the first and most important is how he deals with people, the second is defined by his experience, and the third is the quality of equipment he uses.


You will always find a warm and professional treatment in us. It is our priority that your Wedding is a harmonious and joyful experience, and we do everything in our power to be of help. By nature I have a good sense of humor, I am direct, and reliable. I feel that our couples find it easy to trust me, relax and enjoy the photos.


In regards to the experience we have, I have been working in wedding photography for almost 20 years. I studied in the city of New York learning from the Masters, my first teacher was Master Franco Frassetti, an Italian artist passionate about his hasselblad who taught me the secrets of lighting that I now treasure. Working in New York prepared me for all circumstances ... The prestigious studios, clients with high expectations -and the continuous stress of a city that moves so fast- gave me the best knowledge and experience that I now put at your service. However, I know that my learning does not end, when we moved to San Miguel de Allende over four years ago, I had to re-discover myself. The natural light, the warmth of the environment and the colorful scenes make me keep experimenting and keep me inspired.


Talking about the equipment is simple, I use Canon cameras for photography and video. My lenses are Canon as well of the highest quality. For aerial shots we use DJI drone with 4k image. I work with my own lighting equipment and edit on Mac computers for the quality of their graphics.


What is a typical wedding day in San Miguel de Allende, how is it for you as a photographer?


Each wedding flow in a different way, but rest assured that however unique the occasion may be, we are prepared to give you the best. Because I have lived a large part of my life in New York City, I have had the opportunity to participate in Weddings with very different customs and beliefs, Jewish, Hindu, Muslim, Orthodox Catholic, Orthodox Greek, Protestant Christian etc ... very particular ceremonies as well symbolic unions of the same sex. However, here in San Miguel de Allende most weddings are traditional with or without religious ceremony and a normal work day would go more or less like this:


• I, along my team arrive at the Bride’s place two or three hours before the Ceremony. While she is ready, I cover her getting ready as well as details, dress, bouquet, heels, etc.


• I take pictures of the Bride, her Bridal Party and immediate family


• If agreed before, I take pictures of the Groom,  Best Men and family


• If the couple agreed see each other before the ceremony we prepare a First Look 


• We leave for the Ceremony, trying to arrive before the Bride. We take pictures of the Groom waiting for his Bride-To-Be


• We cover the Bride's Arrival


• We cover the entire Ceremony, taking the time to capture the Church, decoration and first rows of guests.


• We take-  if possible- photos of the Just Married couple and group shoots  leaving the Church


• If we have “Callejoneada”, we cover it completely


• This is the perfect moment for the Just Married couple to have a session alone, in the beautiful San Miguel scenarios


• We arrive to the reception to photograph the decoration just before the guests walk in 


• We photograph your entrance, first dance, dance with parents / godparents / family, toast, garter, cake and other traditions.


• If required, we do table shoots 


• We cover part of the dance and we do not leave until they are ready to let us go.


• We arrive at the office and save your images immediately.


























How many photographs will we receive?


The amount of images that we will give you depends on several things, the type of event, the hours you hire us, the number of guests, the time you give us for photos as a couple, etc ... One camera will give you an estimate of 50 photos per hour. Hence, if we are with you about 8 hours you will receive approximately 400-500 images.


If your package offers you a second camera, you will get over 700 photos of your Wedding day. This second camera is more than a backup, it takes care of black and white photos, covering different angles and finding emotive moments while I cover the main moments of your day. It is worth mentioning that all the photos that pass the quality tests are yours, and you will not have to choose a limited amount of images .


How long will it take to have my photographs?


We edit each and every one of your images,by hand, one by one.  We give priority to our Weddings, therefore your photographs will be delivered to you as soon as possible. Usually we have them ready between one week and two weeks in high season, after your wedding. Printed images and albums are ready in approximately six to eight weeks. If you hired us for video too, a mini-clip lasting 2 to 4 minutes, with the highlights of your Wedding will be delivered to you two weeks after your event, and the entire video takes six to eight weeks to be edited and ready for you to enjoy it.


If for some reason you want your images before, talk to us and we will find a way to accommodate to your needs.


Who retains the rights to the images?


We share with you a permission to print the images, with this you can print your photographs personally or in a professional laboratory as many times as you wish. However, the Copyrights belong to our studio.


Share your very own FAQ!

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